Polish Mindfulness Institute

Welcome to the Polish Mindfulness Institute webpage.

It is our mission to popularize in Poland the concept of mindfulness and the  broad spectrum of its applications  in preventive treatment and healthcare, promotion of mental health, education, social care, human resources management and other related fields.

We carry out our mission by organizing MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher training, as well as constant development of their teaching skills.

Alongside the MBSR teacher training, we also realize various specialist programmes for MBSR teachers to help them improve their professional and personal competence.

We organize conferences, seminars, workshops, trainings and meditation retreats not only for persons already practising MBSR, but also for specialists who are not MBSR teachers  but can see the potential to apply mindfulness in their domains.

Training programmes are prepared and realized in cooperation with  leading mindfulness specialists.

Our main partner is The Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches – IMA, the European centre providing high-quality trainings for specialists in the fields where MBSR can be applied.

Thanks to this partnership, we cooperate with and apply the highest training standards of The Center for Mindfulness – CFM, established by John Kabat-Zinn years ago .

We are also an active member of the European Associations of Mindfulness-Based Approaches – EAMBA, the European organisation joining MBSR teachers together.